Web Development Trends You Can Expect in 2022

In an age of digital transformation with an abundance of information, nothing lasts forever. Constant change has become the norm in all aspects of our existence. The web development process is no exception. Recent technological advances and innovations have changed our approach. The potential has increased significantly with the invention of new programming languages, frameworks, and more. Here we discuss the web development trends that will emerge in 2018.

Top web development trends to watch out for
Continuous innovation and change is the key to global progress. The web development industry has undergone constant changes over the years. In this document, we present the most recent updates to web development.

The growing popularity of Vue JS
One of the 10 most ramified GitHub projects in 2017, Vue Js attracted a wide range of audiences from across the industry. With its unmatched performance and efficiency factor, Vue JS has surpassed the influence of React and Angular. Angular and React were familiar and supported by Google and Facebook respectively. While Vue JS was a source code framework originally developed and open source by a standalone Evan Yu.Despite the struggle and competition, in 2018 Vue JS took back the industry through innovation and perseverance. Nowadays, large enterprises like Expedia, Alibaba, Nintendo, GitLab and many more have started using Vue JS. And in the future, many organizations will consider adopting the same.

ES6 and ES7 affect functional programming
The idea of ​​developing software based solely on fundamental principles is functional programming. The principles contain the creation of software by mixing pure functions. General state and variable data. In fact, functional code is clearer, much simpler, and easier to use than object-oriented code. Those who use Javascript a lot will understand this point better. Javascript enhancements like arrow functions, object / array propagation, and async / await will greatly benefit FP.

Accelerated mobile pages for better mobile experience
AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is a known factor at the moment. Ever since Google started sponsoring it, using the same has become the norm. However, it can significantly improve the performance of your web content and ads. And if you implement it correctly, it will have a positive impact on your website speed, user experience, and income. As the number of mobile users has increased significantly, the demand for AMP has also grown significantly. This trend is expected to continue in 2018.

Many compatible browser extensions
Browser extensions are basically snippets of code written in Javascript, HTML, or CSS. They improve the functionality of browsers, can add additional functionality to them, and change the appearance or content of the website. Previously, these extensions were only developed for certain browsers like Mozilla or Chrome. The trend started to change when Firefox started supporting Chrome and Edge. However, this means that browser extensions are completely compatible, which is much more convenient than the system we are currently following.

Progressive Web Apps for a Fast-Changing World
These are web applications that have the functionality and design of mobile applications. The basic idea is to create the look of a mobile application on web pages or websites. And the result is still impressive. The focus is on increasing conversions, engagement and reliability. First of all, if the criteria for a progressive web app are met, Chrome will notify its users to add that app to the home screen. Ultimately, web applications try to provide a familiar, mobile experience for their fellow (mobile) users.

Single Page Applications as a Convenient Development Strategy
Single Page Application (SPA) is a well-known technique. Facebook, Gmail, and Google Maps are a few examples of popular single page applications. Basically, a SPA is a single web page whose content is loaded via Javascript. And conveniently, there is no page reload and no timeout in SPA. It calls out data as well as markup clearly and renders pages quickly. While the concept of SPA is familiar in today’s web development scenario, it will continue to impact many companies in 2018.

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