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How To Fund Deriv Account- Quick Deposit & Withdrawal Using Perfect Money in Nigeria || 3 Simple Steps

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3 (Three) Steps To Fund Deriv Deposit.

1.) Create a perfect money account.

2.) Buy Perfect Money funds from a company or individual

3.) Fund Your Deriv Account Through Deriv.com

3 (Three) Steps To Make Withdrawal From Your Account Deriv To Bank.

1.) Apply For Withdrawal from deriv to perfect money.

2.) Get an Exchanger (company or individual)

3.) Sell your perfect money funds and get credited to your bank account directly.

Forex traders Nigeria keeps asking me HOW TO FUND DERIV DEPOSIT?
After much explanation and Successful Attempt, they will come back to ask how to withdraw thier money to thier local bank account in Nigeria.

I will deeply explain 3 Simple Steps on how you can Fund your deriv Account easily and likewise withdraw your funds from deriv to your local bank account in minutes without any stress.


All what you need to do local bank transfer, no need to use card to pay to deriv[as card payment was recently disable]

(Attention; if you are in Nigeria and you make use of deriv best withdrawal time I will recommend is 5;00am to 9;00, so as to be credited as fast as possible.)

Note: Rate of perfect money not stable, the price of perfect Money funds increases and reduces due to the economic event happening.

Deriv.com Or Binary.com?

Deriv.com is a collaborative trading broker working hand in hand with Binary.com, Sharing the same databases.

Meaning that if you have an account with deriv, you automatically have an account with binary.com.

You can try this out my login in your existing deriv.com account to binary.com or your binary.com logins in deriv.com.

You can decide to fund your deriv Account  in any of the website either through Deriv.com or Binary.com.
Accepted Deposit Method By Deriv/Binary

But if you want to fund your deriv account using Crypto Currency, you can go through binary.com, as the uption is not available in deriv.com.

Recently I notice that card payment to deriv was disabled.

We don’t know thier reason, but trust me there are 101 ways to fund your deriv account and make withdrawal from deriv/binary to your local bank account in Nigeria.

Some the accepted deposit method listed in deriv are:

Perfect Money (Recommended)
Crypto Currency i.e etheruem, Bitcoin, etc

All this payment method above has it own duration speed for deposit and withdrawal.

For traders in Nigeria who will not like to experience any delay in funding thier deriv acccount and withdrawal I will recommend perfect money in other to solve your problem.

You can decide to use perfect money in your country too, all you need is an Exchanger.

Step 1

Create a perfect money account.

How Does This Perfect Money Works.?

According to Perfect money, they said “Perfect Money is a leading financial service allowing the users to make instant payments and to make money transfers securely throughout the Internet opening unique opportunities to Internet users and owners of the Internet businesses.
Perfect Money targets to bring the transactions on the web to the perfect level!.”

Perfect Money Website.

The real official website for perfect money is https://perfectmoney.com/

Make sure you always check the link to avoid any type of phishing link claiming to be perfect money by hackers.

Thier Signup process is easy, simply click on https://perfectmoney.com/signup.html and fill in the required details asked for.

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Note: The Account name is the the name use to confirm your account when perfect money funds is being sent through the perfect money account number.

Further Details Needed are:

Full name* (First name, any middle names, and surname)
City *
Zip/Postal code *
E-mail *
Account Type (personal or business)*
That all.

An email will be sent to your adress kindly click the link to activate your account.

That all for creating a perfect money account.

Perfect Money Instructions Concerning Creating Account Below:

Attention: it’s strongly recommended to enter the important profile information.
For registration in the system it is necessary to enter your name. The Name are often any combination of letters. The Name is not a login to enter the system.

While completing registration it is necessary to enter the actual postal address of the user which is necessary for future communication such as notifications, money transfers or any messages to user.

It is recommended to point a telephone/fax number to use the SMS authentication service within the future.
In the “Account type” field it’s necessary to define the social station of the customer being registered.
After the completion of the sector “protection from automatic registrations”, it’s necessary to carefully read “Terms and rules of the system use” then make a choice whether to accept or decline these conditions consistent with which a user can become the customer of Perfect Money.


Step 2.

Buy Perfect Money funds from a company or individual.

Before you can make withdrawal in perfect money you need to verify your account and it will take 24 hours according to thier company rule.

All hope is lost?

This is a blessing in disguise, to access faster withdrawal using an Exchanger person or company ( I recommend company)

Which Exchange Company Do I Use?

Actually there are many Exchanger out there but I strongly recommend my Exchanger Exchangeindeed.

I Use Exchangeindeed (Exchangeindeed.com), the reason being that thier speed of transaction and customer care service is very much pretty cool.

All transactions done with them are in minutes.

Note; Am not trying to advertise any company niether was I paid for it.

You are almost there.

Exchangeindeed is where you can come and buy perfect money funds using bank transfer, card etc and where you can come to sell your perfect Money funds.
All orders are attended to speedily, Both Deposit and withdrawal.

About Exchangeindeed.

ExchangeIndeed has been within the cryptocurrency and e-currency business for over ten years. We are one among the foremost reliable e-currency exchangers in Nigeria.

Sign up here >> http://exchangeindeed.com/register?r_code=EI8370

Fill in the form on the registration page.
First Name*
Your Email*
Confirm Email*
Phone Number (start with 0 not +234)*
Confirm Phone Number (start with 0 not +234)*
Alternate Phone Number (start with 0 not +234)*
Confirm Alt Phone Number (start with 0 not +234)*
Confirm password*
Verify the robot recaptcha
And then sign up.

After that, an email will be sent directly to your email address. Click on the confirmation link sent by thier company to activate your account.

Then further more login to Exchangeindeed and verify your account to be able to make transaction with them.

You can use any body around you as your next of kin. You mother, father, brother friends etc.

Note; a call will be sent to your next of kin to confirm your next of kin. Make sure the next if kin number is active when you are about to verify your account.

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Buying perfect money steps

Go the menu or home page.
Click on buy e-currency.
Select perfect money.
Input how many $$ dollar you want to buy.
The equivalent amount in naira will automatically be shown there.
Input your perfect money dollers account number.
If you perfect money account name doesn’t show automatically.
Click on the edit button and type in your perfect money account name.
Click on buy now.

If you are making us of mobile banking for ussd code for transfer, then kindly select the option there.

An email will be sent to you the complete invoice of the transaction you are about to make.

After making the transfer to thier company account, kindly download or screenshot the proof of payment.

Go back to your exchangeindeed account, click on the menu and click on the member area.

In the member area, you will see a pending transaction. Click on send payment alert, then input the details of the payment you made.

Back to your email and copy the memo or invoice number and input it when trying to send payment alert in order to quickly Trace your transaction.

Then click on send payment alert.

In fees minutes your perfect money will be funded.

Step 3

Fund your deriv account.

To fund your deriv account,

Kindly login to your deriv.com
Go the the menu
Click on cashier
Click on deposit
Select perfect money
And input the amount you want to deposit.
Continue the payment process
You will be redirected to perfect money.
Then login your perfect money account detail
Then make the payment.
Your deriv US Account will be credited immediately.

Note: perfect money transaction fees for every payment is 1.99% of how much you want to send out of your perfect money account.
Also the rate of perfect money funds is not a stable amount, as the rate of dollar increase or decrease affects it too.

3 (Three) Steps To Make Withdrawal From your Deriv account To Bank.

1.) Apply For Withdrawal from deriv to perfect money.

Firstly you need to apply for withdrawal from deriv.

To do this, kindly login to your deriv, Go to the cashier page,(You must have money in your deriv US Account to carry out this withdrawal process, and you don’t need to copy your perfect money account number.)

Click on withdrawal A confirmation email will be sent to your emailClick on the email and you will automatically directed to the withdrawal application details page.

There you put in the amount you want to withdrawYour perfect money account number is automatically there since it was once used to make payment to them.

Click continue and wait for payment to your perfect money.

.Note! Minimum withdrawal from deriv is 5$I will advise to make withdrawal in the morning time before 9:00am in the morning

2.) Get an Exchanger (company or individual)I talk about an Exchanger earlier, if you are using exchangeindeed follow the process below to convert your perfect money to bank account after receiving payment from deriv.

3.) Sell your perfect money funds and get credited to your bank account directly.

Firstly, Login to your exchangeindeed account with your user name and password,On a successful login you will be brought to the home page,Kindly click on sellSelect perfect moneyInput the details amount of how much perfect money funds you wish to sellIn selecting how you want to pay or transfer the perfect money funds, I recommend you select the automatic payment method.

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You will be directed to your perfect Money, Kindly login and checkout the payment.The funds will be deducted from your perfect Money.

Kindly wait for alert.It will be sent in some minutes.

I hope you enjoy this??Conclusion.Perfect money funds can be use to make payment in many online website, not only for depositing into deriv account.

They are very fast and efficient compared to crypto currency.You can use as a second bank account, save money and spend money too online.

I hope this article satisfies your curiousity, kindly share to your friends and family for there won’t miss out


Another Bonus Way To Fund Your Deriv Account

This is not stressfull but delayance might occur since this method deals with crypto currency.

Due to the recent ban of crypto currency is Nigeria, binance, luno and other crypto platform doesn’t accept payment from Nigeria to buy crypto currency any more.

Because of that other ways were emanated since people complain on the scam going on in the peer to peer transaction in crypto platform.

How To Buy Crypto Currency In 10 mins.

Firstly, download Raven from playstor( brid icon)
Register and verify you account.
Secondly download Roqqu
Register and verify your account
Thirdly click on the deposit button in Roqqu.
Input how much you want to deposit in Naira
Continue and click on peer to peer
Select ravan,
Copy the transaction naration like a code by clicking on it.
Will will be given a user name.
Copy the name and login to raven
Click on send money,
Two options available

Either to send money to raven user

Or a local bank account
Select send to raven user
Input the user name that was given to you by the ruqqo Marchant that accepted your deposit request offer.
Kindly put the required amount you want to deposit in Naira.
Input the transaction naration. It will be use to trace your payment and to automatically fund your Roqqu account.

After successful deposit, the money will reflect on your Roqqu account.
You will see many type of Crypto Currency.
Kindly choose any type of Crypto Currency you need.
But for deric deposit, the only accept Bitcoin, etheruem, and maybe litecoin as the case may be.
Then buy the Crypto Currency from your wallet and your Crypto Currency will be available in your wallet address immediately.

For deposit with crypto currency in deriv, you need to login to binary.com, but incase you might not see your Bitcoin wallet address on binary, kindly go deriv to add it.

After successful login to binary.com you will click on the menu, you will see the wallet account of the type of Crypto Currency you added.

Click on it, you will see the wallet address of the crypto currency.

Kindly copy it, go to Roqqu and send to the wallet address.

Note: The crypto currency Account you have in deriv is only for receiving crypto currency.
You need to apply for withdrawal before you see it in your wallet. Thus, you can’t send to you wallet directly like blockchain and other crypto currency wallets.

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