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Best Programming Language for Site Design

Server Server is actually responsible for providing web pages based on the needs and demands of clients on the Internet, which can be done both statically (as well as dynamically).

Server-Side Scripting Today, in web programming, most companies and designers work in this area. Server-side programming has a major difference with user’s programming, which is behind the scenes on server-side programming and a focus on databases and site communication with databases, but with simultaneous programming… meanwhile, asp. NET, Python, C#, Java languages ​​are among this type of programming, and at the top of these languages ​​is the powerful PHP language.

User-Programming In this section, web designers (page designers) dominate this domain, which is almost the opposite of user-side programming, this section focuses on visual factors. The most popular languages, HTML and CSS, we will discuss these languages ​​in the rest of this article. Simply put, with HTML the structure and organization of the site’s pages and its descriptions, such as post type, fonts, colors, and like attributes are defined by CSS; In other words, HTML creates the page and then CSS is mounted on it and sets up more details. Another case we can mention is that Java Script language functions like keystroke response or mouse control and interactive display of website are used by Java Script. This language is run only by the browser.

Server-side and User-side mechanisms:

  • The user initially opens his browser.
  • Then he starts searching search engines or enters the address of the site. For example, ArvinKaren.Com enters your browser.
  • The user section (client) forwards this request to the server in order to allow users to access the pages of the site.
  • The server verifies the request to the client segment and responds to the same user segment.
  • The client receives and translates the source or source page.
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Server Side Usage and Functions

  • Processes user input.
  • show requested page
  • web program architecture
  • Interacting with Servers and Storage Spaces
  • interact with database
  • Data encoding in HTML
  • Perform operations such as clearing, clearing in the database.

server-side programming languages

  • PHP
  • asp.net
  • c++
  • Java and JSP
  • Python
  • Ruby and…

Usage and user-side functions

  • create interactive web pages
  • dynamic component of the site
  • Storage and interaction with temporary memory
  • It acts as a user interface between the site’s user and the server.
  • send request to server
  • retrieve data from server
  • interact with local storage
  • provide remote access

user-side programming languages

  • java script
  • VBScript
  • HTML (struct)
  • CSS (Design)
  • ajax
  • jQuery and…

Now is the time to look at the most important languages ​​and see which of these languages ​​is the best choice for website design. First, let’s start with the language of HTML and CSS, which are the basic languages ​​of website development.

HTML HTML is a layout and raw shell of a website. The elements of the page are the title, title, text, and links to HTML. This standard markup language is one of the major cores on the Internet and can be said to be the backbone of all web pages. HTML5 is the latest version of HTML that is published and is a dynamic language; This means that it can produce beautiful little code with a little coding.

CSS CSS is a language in which users can specify the style and format of website pages and tabs. If CSS comes with HTML, it allows the developer to define pages with different formats and appearance on the site. Colors, layers, and fonts are stored in a specified file that is separate from the web page’s core code. These two languages ​​??provide the basic structure and style information for creating a static page (a static page is a page that will be displayed to all visitors in a form with each device and browser). Now that many web pages are dynamic face designed, many site users today do not welcome static sites. To create more complex pages, you need to use advanced server-side and client-side scripts.

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Java Script JavaScript is a programming language that brings animations, games, apps, interactions and other interactive content to the site and brings the site to life. After HTML and CSS, Javascript is most commonly used in user-side scripts. Some JavaScript software can also run without communication with a web server, which means that these codes and sites that use this language are able to work without being connected to the Internet.

PHP accounts for more than 75% of the web servers that use PHP. PHP is a comprehensive programming language for servers. Importance and advantage of PHP is open source or so called open source; It also has an Internet level programming language and has a large community of support and answers to questions and bugs. PHP is compatible with various operating systems. Arvin Karen Website Design Company is capable of designing powerful and professional websites. Vishal Language was born in 2004, and now over 200 million websites around the world are designed and developed by PHP. Websites like Facebook and WordPress use this platform. PHP is a scripting language which is usually interpreted and interpreted by the interpreter. For this reason, this language is suitable for server-side programming, as it easily covers server functions and tasks that are executed repeatedly. And they do. Here are some other points about this language:

  • PHP, as we said, is an open source language and a fast prototyping language.
  • It is also compatible with Unix operating systems, as it is compatible with Windows operating systems.
  • Industries that frequently use PHP are mostly in IP startup businesses, advertising industries, small software organizations, as well as agencies and multimedia companies.
  • The PHP language can be embedded directly into HTML.
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Java Java Java is a server-side scripting language used for large-scale websites with high traffic. On-site websites such as Amazon Amazon and the Apple App Store have Java-based frameworks. One reason for the popularity of high-traffic sites and their use of this programming language is that it is faster in speed tests than other languages ​​in first tests. This feature makes the software on the server run faster for large-scale sites.

Python Python is a high-level, high-level programming language with an emphasis on readable code. For web developers, this means they are working with fewer lines of code than in other popular languages. Python does this through a large standard library, which keeps the actual code short and simple. This library is a file containing pre-written practical code that is provided by the community members for Python development and can be downloaded and used by these libraries when needed. Like Java, Python is designed for web servers with high traffic volumes. Yahoo Maps is an example of sites that use Python.

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