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7 Skills To Look For Before Choosing An Android App Developer

Android continues to dominate the mobile app market globally, which now accounts for more than 80 percent of it. More than 80 percent of smartphone users worldwide prefer to use Android mobiles and devices over other operating systems such as iOS and Windows. Google Play Store is now staggering with over 3 million applications, now serving the users in various ways. However, with such a huge number of applications already on the Android App Store, it is imperative for Android developers to create highly competitive applications to stay ahead of the competition. It’s not just an app idea that just might work, a android app developer One must possess all the necessary skills and abilities to end up with a successful and high performing application every time with unique business requirements.

Today, creating highly engaging and user-driven Android applications requires an in-depth knowledge and understanding of various programming languages, tools, and techniques. In fact, designing the application keeping in mind the fragmentation of the Android Market and the different Android devices and screen sizes is also essential to provide a smooth and uniform user experience across all devices and screens.

And all these aspects make it necessary to choose one android app developer Possess all required skills and abilities.

Now, Here Are The Skills You Should Look For Before Choosing android application developer for your next project.

Knowledge and understanding of Java and Kotlin:

Both Java and Kotlin are two essential programming languages ​​for Android application development. And your developer should be comfortable using both depending on your project requirements. The developer should be able to use the latest versions of both Java and Kotlin and should know the syntax of both. This is the first most important skill that you need to look for while choosing your Android application developer.

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Understanding XML:

XML was introduced as the standard way to encode data for Android applications. It is a structured markup language that shares many similar features with HTML such as angled brackets, tag types, deep nesting of elements, and a few more. Having a deep understanding and knowledge of XML can help developers to do app layout and coding proficiency to create quality code. And this makes it necessary to look for a developer who has expertise in using XML to create app layouts.

Practical experience of using Android SDK:

The Android Software Development Kit or SDK is a complete toolkit that developers should be aware of. From designing to developing, testing, debugging and deploying an application, this toolkit has tools for everyone. Android SDK also has libraries like Gradle which also ensure seamless application development. And the developer you are choosing for your project should know how to use and plug in this complete kit for better, efficient, lossless and faster application development.

Familiarity with Android Studio:

Android Studio is one of the essential tools in Android application developer’s toolkit and is a full-featured integrated development IDE that provides features like automatic code completion, autocomplete suggestions, easy code debugging, and more, which together help developers Help you write code easily and build high performing applications. Choosing a developer who is expert in using Android Studio is a must today.

Knowledge of API:

As an Android application developer, you may want to know about some other user-driven features like calendar accessing etc. However, look for developers associated with leading Android application development companies that offer APIs and show you how to use APIs and queries in a secure way. Having knowledge of how to use APIs makes it easier for developers to connect to APIs from Android applications. Choosing a developer with this specialized skill can ensure easy implementation and adding features to your app such as easy discovery of local locations, monitoring users’ locations, including reference maps in apps, and more.

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Specialization in Database Management:

If you have a large amount of data in your application it can be more difficult to manage those data and databases to maintain the data. Cloud services like Parse and Firebase provide simple APIs for storing this data in the cloud, making it equally readily available on all Android devices. Developers must also know how to sync data between the remote database and local storage to enforce offline availability of the application, which allows users to use the app to some extent even when there is no internet connection. gives. This is a great way to increase customer engagement. So, check out this skill before choosing your developer for your Android project.

Knowledge of Material Design:

In these recent years, Android has introduced a new set of modern interface design standards and guidelines known as Material Design. And these guidelines include tips like how to layer various design elements on the app screen and then use styles like drop shadows, etc. And now it has become a necessity for app developers to consider and compulsorily follow these guidelines for designing Android application interfaces.

to have a deep knowledge of all these android app development Skills can help developers execute the entire application development process efficiently and ensure bug-free, well-designed, personalized, secure and ROI-driven applications. Staying ahead of your competitors on Google App Store is not easy today and that makes it extremely important to have your project prepared by an expert in Android Application Development who has all the skills shared above in this article.

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