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24writters Review: How To Get Started [Step By Step Guild]



freelancing jobs are quite the easiest way to monetize your writting skills if hired. If you have been looking for a new freelance website where you can monetize your content creating skills to earn money?

If Yes, there is a wonderful opportunity on 24writers, as you keep reading, you will see all the review about 24writter because me and my team (9japlugged) has make researches deeply and we have decided to share it here in other for your readers to take advantage. After reading this article you will know how to get started with 24 Writters and make use of it to make money.

24writers is a new alternative freelance website like Fiverr, Upwork, LinkedIn where you can display skills to clients. If you are having difficulty with any other freelance website, 24writers is another freelance website where you can become a writer and earn money, or you can even order well-written articles as well for your blog.

Also, in 24writers freelance website, there’s a refund policy where you will be refunded just in case you are not fully satisfied with what the seller delivered

Another Interesting part of this is that 24writers supports almost all countries including South Africa, Nigeria, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, India, and many more.

So If you are a Nigerian, you can take maximum use of these company to monetize your skiils.

Apart from giving reviews about 24writters, we’ll give answers to all questions about, Including: 24writers reviews, 24writers Login, 24writers sign up, 24writers Referral, 24writers contact, is 24writers legit or scam, and more.

After the review of this freelance website, we will arrived at a final conclusion on if 24writers is legit, safe or scam, or maybe fake, as we assure every piece of information provided based on research and correct.

let’s get started with 24writers review.

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24writers Review

Below are the reviews about this freelance website:

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Here are the top things we research about 24 writers.

1. 24writers URL availability to Google:

Based on our research, we found out the url if 24 writers live on Google, this is to say they are not Anonymous and are open to any body who want to access thier site through Google.

2. Website Security:

The website is secured and safe for browsing as we saw a Proof is installed SSL Certificate in thier website.

3. Interface (Website Design):

Their website design is satisfactory and also thier navigation and flexibility is pretty much cool and can easily be navigated by a new visitor.

On Google page speed insights, their website score 94% for mobile users and 100% for PC users. Thier website loads very much fine with a very high speed.

4. Contact Us and About Us Pages:

Amazing!, 24writters have all the necessary page to proof trust where you can see more about them and also contact thier support team.

5: Social Media Accounts:

Unfortunately, we where unable to find thier social media handles, but as time goes on, we keep checking for that and update this post if we see any of such.

What is

As we said ealiar, 24 writers is a freelance website that you can monetize your skills as a freelance writer, Receive payments two times a month, Build your flexible schedule, and work from home with ease.

How does 24writers Works | Earn Money from 24writers

working as a freelancer on 24writers need steps you need to go along with.

Note: As soon as you create an account on, you’ll be given a test that you must complete before 24 hours.

This test are being displayed randomly so yours could be different from others, and also article you’ll need to proof your skill by uploading a content that must be 300 words above and must not be scraped content.

Immediately the test is completed, your results will determine if your are eligible to work as a freelancer and earn money on 24 writers websites.

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Who is the owner (CEO) of

Based on our research, it is a open by a UK citizen and was launched in the year 2020. No details about the owners of this company was reviel online or in the website.

24writers Sign Up | How to Register on 24writers

24writers sign up might be a bit difficult for beginners, that’s why it’s very important to follow every bit of this step below carefully.

Note: Before creating an account on 24writers you must have a Facebook account, and also your email must link to your Facebook account.

1. Navigate your browser to load thier website to go to their webpage.

2. click on “register now” and “sign up with Facebook”. you’ll automatically redirected to Facebook to confirm your account, after that you’ll be automatically redirected to 24 back to 24writers sign in page.

3. Make sure your Facebook account has an email. Check your gmail inbox linked with your Facebook account, your password will be sent there. After that, type in your email and the password sent to you by 24writers and then click on SIGN IN.

4. further more, you’ll need to verify your phone number on 24writers. Select your country, input your phone number then click on Verify.

24writers usually send a code on your phone, input the code in to verify your number.

24writers test task

A tests task will be giving to you after you have successfully sign up, make sure you try as much as possible to pass the test task.

Only 3 attempts at the test task is allowed and the minimum number of words required is 300. You will need to upload your documents in docx or PDF after the test task.

If you have successfully passed the test task, you are automatically eligible to work and earn being a freelancer from

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24writers Login | How to Login to 24writers

To learn how to Login in 24writers follow this guide.

1. Go to webpage and click on “login” up there or go this link

2. Input your email and password, and then click on login. That’s all

How to Place an order on

1. Sign in to 24writers.

2. you need to look for available orders and send your desired price per page and deadline for the order you’d like to complete.

24writers Payment

Earnings can be withdraw via Payoneer Wire Transfer, or Payoneer Prepaid card. Payment will be done twice per month during the payment release days: 1st–10th and 16th–25th of each month. Once you reach the minimum threshold.

Is legit?

Yes, 24writters is legit and According to our research, most 24writters always leave a great review about them. Some said “24writers payments is fast”, while some say “the customers both buyers and sellers satisfaction are great”, and also as a seller, you’ll get order often because there aren’t many competitors in

Is 24writers Scam

No, it not a Scam!, Apart from the good reviews, some information about users having difficulties came to us. Drop the issue you are facing with at the comment section.

The complaints are about 24writers communication being poor, that they stated on their website that they’ll give you a feedback on your task test within 3 days, instead, it will take more than 10 days, which is very bad for a new website like
So for now 24writers is not a scam website.


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Thanks so much for reading this article till the end, that’s all for the 24writers review, if there is more you want to add to this review, feel free to comment down below


Ogala Theodore Is A Nigerian Blogger, Forex Technical Analyst/Trader, Internet Marketer, Young Enterprenuer & CEO of & Teddy Pips Trading Concept.

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