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Watchcruiz Review: Is Watchcruiz a Scam Or Legit



Welcome to 9japlugged, and in today’s article we will be reviewing a new earning Business Website called Watchcruiz, maybe you must have missed mant Reviews like Dextergain reviews, Kuda Bank Reviews and lots more, you can read those interesting article.

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Immediately me and my team saw this new business called Watchcruiz, We decided to review and we’ll guide you through and let you know what you are supposed to know about that.

Watchcruiz a new garnished ad-based platform that give room for internet users to make money by doing simple task things like watching videos, completing tasks, partnered websites, and the most common of it all is the Referral aspect.

This Watchcruiz website pays you about 100 coins for signing up instantly as bonus, which worth is 1 dollar, and you can also complete thier available tasks, watch a 20-second video and earn 10 coins.

Is Watchcruiz A Scam Or Legit?

Watchcruiz maybe not be a scam or legit, but read through our article and decide for you self based on your conviction.

Note; 9japlugged does not have any AFFILIATION with watchcruiz to review thier platform neither are we paid for it.

watchcruiz earning program is available in many countries including; Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, United States, Kenya, Egypt, the United Kingdom, and more.

Apart from talking about if Watchcruiz is a scam or legit, we will be talking about some other topic which you might need inform of questions like watchcruiz reviews, “watchcruiz Login, watchcruiz sign up, watchcruiz Referral, watchcruiz contact, watchcruiz app, is watchcruiz legit or scam, and lots more.”

By the end of this article me and my team, is sure you must have been convinced according to your taste either positive or negative to know if watchcruiz is legit, safe or scam, or maybe fake, as we assure every piece of information we provide is legit.
Don’t hesitate to report a scam in the Report Scam Page.

Without wasting more time, let’s get started with watchcruiz review.

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Watchcruiz Review

This watchcruiz review on is website is strictly legit and with full research and detailed information about Watchcruiz. So if you are searching about watchcruiz review, patiently read this article carefully till the bottom so you won’t miss any important information

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1. Watchcruiz Online Visibility

Watchcruiz link availability is live on Google, in other words, Watchcruiz website has been summited to google search console and has been index already

2. Website Safety

Watchcruiz is using the hyper text Transfer protocols, meaning it has an extended SSL certificate installed in other for their website to be secured and keep user’s private info safe and unaccessible to hackers.

3. Front End Design

The beauty of a website don’t determine it legitimacy,so don’t let design confused you no matter how attractive they’re.

Some people complain about Watchcruiz annoying pop-ups ads, well it not bad. Based on what the website is, the website need to generate income from ads in other to pay thier user.

Watchcruiz page speed and mobile Experienced is so fast that it scored 83% on Mobile and on PC it scored 98%, indeed it’s fast, which makes it Mobile and PC friendly.

4. Contact Us and About Us Pages:

The reg flag about Watchcruiz is that they don’t have an About Page and Contact Us form, this is a sign of being Anonymous and users will be unable to contact their support team, in case you run into any situation.

5: Social Handle Or Presence:

During our researches we found out Watchcruiz has handle on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can use to this opportunity to contact them if you are experiencing any issues with Watchcruiz since lack the contact from on thier Official website. They could also display their recent update faster on thier social handle.

What is

Watchcruiz is a newly launched earn by task website. You can earn money by doing simple tacks like Watching video ADS from YouTube through watchcruiz platform and lots more.

How does Watchcruiz Works | Earn Money from Watchcruiz

There are serval ways you can earn money with, you earn money money by accumulating coins by taking free offers and surveys, watching short videos, visiting different websites, and even by referring other people to join Watchcruiz.

Below are they ways your can earn money:

1. Accumulate Coins by Completing Simple Tasks

2. Watching short videos

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3. Visiting partners websites

4. Referring other people.

On thier platform, you can earn 0.10 coins for a 100-second video successfully watched, which is worth 10 cents. The earning process are quit not easy because of the small cents, but they can be legit and paying, it’s advisable you give a trial and do this on your free time in other to avoid using most of your time for it.

How many Videos can be available a Day on Watchcruiz

Based on our researches with already and interview with already registered users, you can only get 5 videos per day on to watch and earn Watchcruiz, and one video reward is 10 cents which means you can make 0.50 cent in a day and make 15$ in a month. This is only for the video aspect, Let look at the other aspect.

How can I get more coins on Watchcruiz?

Another way of getting more coins is by playing Lucky Wheel or maybe our weekly lottery as the case may be,
If you where to be lucky enough, you can win a lot of coins which worth more money.

Who is the CEO/Founder of

This is another reg flag to watchcruiz, The owner of watchcruiz seems to be Anonymous, as the website doesn’t relate or give any information about the founders or owners of this earning program.

How Can I Refer And Earn on Watchcruiz

By referring and bringing good number of people by using your referal link, you can unlock massive amount of referal rewards like receiving 100% of their earnings for life, till you referal deciode to stop working or earning on

How Can I get My Referral link On

1. Load the web address “” on your browser

2. once you have login to your dashboard, scroll down a little you’ll see “Invite your friends & get more coins“. Below you can copy your referral link.

Watchcruiz Sign Up | How to Register on Watchcruiz

Note: for your to register with them, your email address being used to sign up must correspond with your PayPal email address based on their recent update.

To Sign up on Watchcruiz follow this guide below:

1. navigate your browser to load

2. Tap the navigation menu at the top-right part, then click on Sign Up.

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3. Input your details correctly, e.g your username, password, email, country, gender, verify Captcha, and then click on Sign Up.

4. make sure your email is Signin on your device in other to activate your email sent to your by watctcruiz for verification.

How to Login Your Watchcruiz Account.

To know how to Login in watchcruiz follow this guide below:

1. To Login To Watctcruiz, Navigate your browser to load

2. Click on the navigation menu on the right, and then click login now.

3. Input your username and password, and then click on login.

That’s All

Watchcruiz App

During our research, we found out some bad rating by people to Watchcruiz app on playstore, some complain about the app not being responsive or opening, some complain that the all doesn’t load the videos they need to watch to earn.

Watchcruiz app I made out of the Website which redirected users to the website in the app, automatically we could say watchcruiz don’t have an app yet only a redirected link on thier ap. So if you downloaded watchcruiz app from Playstore, you downloaded an “in-app browser” that redirects you to website URL. So that what errors are common on the app.
To download watchcruiz app, go to your playstore, search watchcruiz and then download.

Watchcruiz Withdrawal

After doing task to accumulate a lot of coins from Watchcruiz, you can convert them as cash.
They have thier minimum withdrawal of 30$, and it can only be withdrawn via PayPal. It will be send to the PayPal email you used in Signing Up.
Watchcruiz will then send your payment within 10 to 20 days If they are not a scam.


Watchcruiz Payment Proof

There is some payment proof we saw about watchcruiz while me and my team were making researches. But, you can quickly try and reach the minimum withdrawal and apply in other for use to see if they will pay or not.



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If you have been paid or not paid from this website, drop your reviews below.

Don’t forget to report a scam at the “report scam page“.

Ogala Theodore Is A Nigerian Blogger, Forex Technical Analyst/Trader, Internet Marketer, Young Enterprenuer & CEO of & Teddy Pips Trading Concept.

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