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Virtual Global Cooperative Review – Scam Or Legit?



It been more than two weeks making researches about Virtual Global Cooperative, but unfortunately I couldn’t get want I wanted if they are truly scam or legit.

Based on the little things I saw I will like to unveil some facts I got them

If you searching about Virtual Global Cooperative, make sure you read this article to the end and decide for yourself if they are scam or legit.

What Is Virtual Global Cooperative All About?

During my researches I come across this on thier website, have a look below:

According to them in thier about us page, Says ” Virtual Global Cooperative (VGC) is where good numbers of vibrant entrepreneurs who are passionate for business and also desire financial elevations. members of thier have the opportunity to collect loans from them, invest in Cryptocurrency with them and also promote their business through thier affiliate marketing program on the website.”

Further more they said ” VGC  Subsidiary offers thier member the advantage of obtaining stable profits through investments in crypto currency, crypto currency loans with a viable crypto collateral as well as avenue to market other businesses by placing an advert and allowing the VGC site generate the needed traffic. They said they are one of the few companies that offers this opportunity to make money in the crypto currency market and also get loans without losing your crypto asset.

After reading all this on thier site, I further more look at thier testimony and it was a fake one, and rooms where not given to upload testimonies on the site.

Is Virtual Global Cooperative A Scam?

It may not be a scam, but it may be risky to invest with them, I will advising any body to give a try or not.

We are willing to  reduce the rate of scam that why we keep reviewing business.

How does Virtual Global Cooperative works?

Some one refered my friend to the platform and according to them, They Collect Investment From Clients, Give Out Loans & Also help people advertise thier product or services.

They pay 25% ROI (return on investment) every month and 300% ROI for saving funds with them for one year.

Minimum deposit is 50$

You earn 7.5% of the Investment when you refer someone

They offer you loans which you can use to pay bills, clear dept or to start a business.

They only work with Cryptocurrency.

0.5% of revenue generated from Virtual Global Cooperative

Many people are will like to Invest thier money and collect monthly profit, many people will like to collect loans and many people will like to advertise thier Business but do you think they are  the only option.

According to my research, Virtual Global Cooperative site was created in the 28 of April 2021, that more than 4 months ago.
They are using a domain registrar called namecheap an international domain registrar and hosting provider.

Is Virtual Global Cooperative registered?

Not stated on thier site that they are registered with any International or national cooperate commission.

Why do Virtual Global Cooperative accept only Cryptocurrency.

Investment company accepts many online or e-currency Payment option.
But transaction with Crypto Currency cannot be reverted or tracked to the owner of the account because it is a decentralized blockchain.

Based on the choice of how they want thier business and to be, I can’t tell why do only choose to use Crypto Currency.

Mostly, scam Website usually likes to use Crypto Currency to accept payment.

Note; I am not saying that Virtual Global Cooperative is a scam or legit. Use this review to know your stand.

How Do Virtual Global Cooperative Generates Income.

The source of thier income was not mentioned on thier site, thus no investment company will pay investors 0.5% of their generated revenue monthly as they claim to pay.

Virtual Global Cooperative Rewards.

They said you will be rewarded with a smartphone when you successfully build a theme of 200 Enterprenuers

They said you will be rewarded with a brand new car when you build a them of 1000 Entrepreneurs

They said you will be rewarded with a new house property when you build a team of 2000 Entrepreneurs

Owners of Virtual Global Cooperative

Currently, no information about the owner(s) of the company was reveled, this is a black flag to the company.
Real investment company shows up thier identity for thier customers to have maximum trust for them.

Further more, the adress of the company was not stated on thier website neither was their numbers revealed.

But I tracked, the company information in detail and Found out thier number.

If you want it to be reveled here drop your votes on the comment section.

Wrapping it up.

Don’t invest your money in company that don’t have good details information of the company owners, address and branch or contact..

Especially company that seems to be anonymous.
We trying our best to reduce scam rate in Nigeria.

Do you hear of any business and you want to get detailed k formation about them?

Drop it on the comment section or send it to our email or Whatsapp Us Directly (+2349055820725) for Business purposes only.

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Ogala Theodore Is A Nigerian Blogger, Forex Technical Analyst/Trader, Internet Marketer, Young Enterprenuer & CEO of & Teddy Pips Trading Concept.

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