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Business review Review: Is Paid2tap A Scam or legit?



Have you heard of before? are are thinking if it is a scam or legit? You will find every details about paid2tap in Details.

Let get Started!

Paid2tap is a United States based online make money website that make you feel you can can make 500 dollars as they from home, school, work anytime you sign up with them as they said.

Imagine given free 25 dollars audio money as sign up bonus Immediately after signing up. Same thing is being said by paid2tap website and after that, they said you can earn money from Thier tasks such as downloading and testing out new apps and games (similar website like better testing) do so to, referring friends and families on social media to join paid2tap, and instantly earn 10 dollars per referral.

Don’t your think this promise are high? How does the company generates it income to pay that kind of money out to users?

Let continue!

After meeting up the withdrawal limit, you can withdraw your earnings to PayPal, cash app, Venmo, Zelle, and more.

Currently, paid2tap available in over 140 countries which are; paid2tap United States, paid2tap United kingdom, paid2tap South Africa, Paid2tap Nigeria, Paid2tap Ghana, and more.

The reason for writting this article is not only to review but to also show you some certain thing that might look difficult to you when using thier Website. Are will also give answers to other related questions which include paid2tap referral, paid2tap contact, paid2tap login, paid2tap register, and more.


Is Paid2tap legit or Scam?

Paid2tap is A SCAM, Forget the fact there are new.
If they can fake payment notification to build trust, how sure are we that thier CEO/Founder are the real people there? I believe that every thing about thier website is fake, they Hugh returns they promise is to entise people.

Note: I am trying to discourage you from giving a trail, or giving reg flags to people website or business.

Since they don’t demand for money, you can give a trial and drop your experience on the comments section. Keep reading

Paid2tap Review

Incase you might miss any important information about kindly read all the review patiently to avoid again kind of miss information.

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1. Search Engine Presences.

We didn’t make review if Paid2tap in on other search engine but we found it availability on google. Their website on google also has a favicon and logo. url is already index by Google with thier other information displayed on the search Engine. This will trully help people who are curious to see some thing or some details about them on the internet.

2. Website Security.

Paid2tap is secured so far and already has an installed SSL certificate, and also trusted website in terms of customer’s private details.
We are not just concluding they are Legit, just stick till the end for the conclusion.

3. Paid2tap Front End Interfaces. has good interface, it was a great work done by the front end developer. The website design looks beautiful and even easy to navigate through thier site.

Nice colour combination where used on the website and also the flexibility. website is also mobile & PC friendly which mean thier is no difficulty of loading thier website on mobile and on pc

4. Contact Us and About Us Pages:

We found out that Paid2tap currently has contact and About Us pages. So I think it will be easy to know more about them and also contact them on the about us page. But, we have make research if they do response to emails yet. if you want to contact their team, you can also contact paid2tap via email & Twitter.

5. Paid2tap Social Media Pages:

Paid2tap currently has handles on Twitter, Instagram, tiktok and YouTube. We are not able to find them on Facebook as they said.

Their Facebook link just keeps redirecting back to the website. We get to know this after checking out every social media links they have on their website. But the only links that were with real availability are Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, and YouTube.

We will keep checking if they will update thier Facebook handle in no time.

What is

Paid2tap is a revenue network!, Where They collaborate with influencers on social networks like Facebook and Instagram. This ranges from verified accounts to local users like you.

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Paid2tap is also online make money platform that pay audio 25 dollars bonus for signing up, and also reward you with 10 dollars for every friend or family you refer to join their company.

Who is the CEO/Founder (s) of

During our research, we were Lucky to find the owner’s of the company, but we can’t trully say if it is thier real name or personality. We are only giving review based on your research.
The CEO/founders of is Eli Gardner and Kevin Webster. This information was gotten from thier about us page, you can also see it there as it is not anonymous when you visit thier about us page.

How does Paid2tap Works/Make Money from Paid2tap

Knowing that, Paid2tap is one of the older influencer networks in the world, there are steps to follow before you can earn on thier platform:

  • 20 dollars for each app you download,
  • complete Surveys, and earn 20 dollars plus,
  • post on social media and YouTube, and earn 5 dollars.

1. After every successful Signup, you will be given 25$ instant bonus.

2. With your invitation link, you can earn 2$ when a new user click on the link and another 10$ per every successful registration using your invitation link. You can share the with friends, family, and colleagues and receive $2 when they click it, and $10 for every sign-up.

3.  Withdraw your funds to PayPal, Cash App, Venmo, Zelle, and more!

That’s how to make money from Paid2tap and how paid2tap works.

Paid2tap Referral | How to Refer and earn on Paid2tap

There is a 25 dollars bonus reward for every individual you invite that successfully register an account with paid2tap.

Steps to get your referral link:

1. Referral link can be seen when you go to your dashboard on Paid2tap.

2. Click on the three lines in the right top corner.

3. Click on Invite, then click on Invite center.

4. Scroll down and click on Copy Link.

Paid2tap Sign Up | How to Register on Paid2tap

Thier registration is quiet easy, follow the steps below:

1. navigate your browser to load and Look for the  Sign Up page.

2. feel in your details like Full name, Username, Email, password and check on “Agree terms & conditions“. After that click on Sign Up.

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3. per every successful sign up, you need to verify your email in other to activate your account.
a confirmation email will be sent to your Gmail, so use that link to verify your account.

Paid2tap Login | How to Login to

Below are the steps to login:

1. Navigate your browser to load, and look for thier Sign Up page and click login.

2. Input your username and password and then Login.

Paid2tap Payment | How to Withdraw from Paid2tap

A desired Payment Method Is needed to be setup. Then also you Also need to complete few tasks to withdraw your funds.

15 valid invites Required

15 valid clicks Required

6 valid Offers Required

1 social media post Required

Paid2tap Payment proof

During our research, we saw a section where people give some testimony On Paid2tap website. some said the website has paid them and change thier life. how do we believe all this without thier payment proofs?

Now, many scam website too has testimony on thier website. Some of this testimony are already made in the installation of the template they used on designing the website. So fake testimonies aren’t new, especially website that don’t allow people to give testimony but there are some testimony on website.

They have fake notification alert, that is program to popup within some second telling you people have been paid. Those notification are not real, some of this notification are plugin.

All to fake notification is to bring trust from users, what bring trust is payment proofs. But still, despite all the payment proof shown on their website, I still believe some of those proofs are being faked and are used to keep promoting the platform.


Thanks so much for reading this article till the end. We are currently waiting for some of our agent reply about thier payment. We will keep updating this post if we see any thing positive or negative.
that’s all for the paid2tap review if there is more you want to add to this review, feel free to comment down below.


Ogala Theodore Is A Nigerian Blogger, Forex Technical Analyst/Trader, Internet Marketer, Young Enterprenuer & CEO of & Teddy Pips Trading Concept.

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