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As Business comes and go like flowing waters in Nigeria, we keep watch to every Business that gets launch expecially those Business that claim to trade forex and Crypto Currency, that is the reason I personally decided to review if it is a big scam or has good legitimate potentials.


Fxgratis is a cryptocurrency and a forex trading company in Nigeria,clients and investors do invest to get some percentage of return on investments monthly depending on the amount of money invested.

Is Fxgratis A Scam Or Legit.?

all eyes have been set on and for now we can’t tell if they are truly scam or legit, but as we keep reviewing and getting information about we will keep updating you here when we find any misbehavior or form of fraud later in the future.

Fxgratis Plan

there are different types of packages in wish this company operates in

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number one, they have the standard package.

in the standard package, the minimum deposits for the standard package is 500 naira and the maximum is 9999 naira with a 140% monthly return on investments that will occur once.

secondly, they have the premium packages

in the premium packages the minimum investment for the premium packages is 10000 naira, while the maximum package or amount that could be invested in the premium package is 99999 naira with a return of investment of 145% which will only occur once.

thirdly, they have the advanced package

in the advanced package, the minimum amount of investments accepted is 100000 naira and while the maximum is 499999 naira.

they will only pay a 145% return on investment for this package, while the ROI action is one times.

Forthly, they have the platinum packages

in the platinum packages accept it is Minimum Deposit 500000NGN that is acceptable and the maximum which is being accepted is 2499999NGN.
they will also be return of investments of about 150% monthly wish will only occure once.

and finally, they half the golden package

in this golden package, the minimum amount of accepted investment is two million five hundred (2,500,000) while the maximum is ten million (10,000,000) and the return of investmenton the golden package is 150% with a one time occurrence of payment.

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Owners of Fxgratis

unfortunately no information about the CEO of fxgratis was reviewed and this is a very red flag on fxgratis because people are likely to be afraid to invest their money in a platform that seems to be anonymous or without knowing the owner of the company.
so in that case we have nothing to say about that but as time goes on and we get to know the Ceo of the company,
We will update it here.

Company Contacts and Address

You can check the below adress of the company ok google map or make calls to get inquiry about the company in the state where it is located.



Wrapping it up.

due to the high rate of fear and also the inability for people to trust businesses online we have to make review of every businesses we see in order for people to search on Google and see information about the business so they can decide whether to invest their money in the business or not.

otherwise, you can decide to report any business which it is scam with proof to our report scam page or summit a new business for review to

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Once we receive your reports, it will be attendanted to some hours. if you are satisfied with the review above, you can decide to either invest or not invest.

Note, we are not encouraging anybody to invest in fxgratis or not, we are not payed to advertise or write a review about any company, or any business.

the reason why we do this is to reduce the risk of calm in Nigeria.


Ogala Theodore Is A Nigerian Blogger, Forex Technical Analyst/Trader, Internet Marketer, Young Enterprenuer & CEO of & Teddy Pips Trading Concept.

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