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Interesting Interview With Allen Elochukwu (CEO ElochiBlog)



Hey, Viewers today we have invited Allen Elochukwu from Elochiblog, He is doing blogging for several years now. So we will definitely learn lots of things from his experience. 

Now if you want to learn from Allen then read this article entirely

Hi Elochi, can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

I’m Allen Elochukwu popularly known as (Elochi), the Founder and Admin at ElochiBlog. I am a Graduate of Statistics at Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO), Imo State.

I hail from Abia State and resides with my parents in the city of Onitsha, Anambra State, Nigeria.

Elochi is a Blogger, Freelancer and Internet Marketer with a deep understanding of trending marketing technology landscapes, and passionate about helping business owners to grow their businesses online and succeed in today’s digital age by leveraging on Blogging, SEO Content Writing and Paid Advertising.

I also run an interesting Technology blog at (

How did you first get into blogging?

I first got into blogging in the year 2016 during my first year in school, and after much research, learning and practice; I got started properly in 2017 with my first domain name.

What inspired me most in starting up a blog was my quest in building and growing my authority online. I was keen on learning new things online so I decided to set up a platform where I can also teach and reach out to people who are willing to learn as well.
Before creating my own blog, I do share and provide my friends with the latest current news about Schools & Education, Admission guides and information and also solving some Tech related problems for them.
After a while, I noticed my fans are now growing so I decided to start up a blog in other to reach out more people globally.

Please tell me about your Niche and why you choose this Niche?

My Blogging Niche is Technology, I had always been a tech geek with my knowledge in both computer aspect and the internet. Furthermore, I got to improve my skills by learning new things online.

This technology niche is indeed a vast niche of which being a tech blogger doesn’t require you to post or update your blog constantly, unlike the entertainment niche.

I just love it because it’s more like providing solutions and answers to questions users search for online. However, I blog basically on Technology News along with basic Blogging Tips so as to help people start up and manage their own blog.

Are you a full-time Blogger or part-time?

Yes! I am a full-time Blogger. I explore and do other freelance jobs as side hustles.

How many hours do you work per day?, How does it feel like to be a home-based blogger?

Ever since I ventured into the Blogging Industry, I work roughly 7 – 10 hours daily.

Being a home-based blogger or working from home has a wonderful feeling of which I can decide to work at anytime of my choice, either, morning, day or night.

Tell our readers some of your strengths that really helped you in blogging?

Some of the strengths that has really helped me in blogging includes the ability to connect with other bloggers, creating quality contents and strong SEO knowledge.

Where would you like to be in blogging five years from now?

In five years from now, I would like to build my blog to a certain level where it becomes a system that will give me a better life and as well grow to the likes of other popular blogs across the country.

If you had to start again in blogging, what would you do differently?

Starting another blog now, I will easily grow it fast by investing into proper keyword research and creating quality contents with those keywords. Then also, paid advertising is another thing to be considered.

If you were given $100,000, how would you invest it to grow your blog?

Definitely, I will invest that into creating enough quality contents better than those on the SERP’s with a team of good content creators.

Also, I will invest in SEO, Branding and supplement it along with Paid Advertising like Facebook, Instagram and Linkedln Ads to grow the Brand.

Would you please tell me what your website traffic sources are?

There are different traffic sources; most engaged source for my blog traffic is the Organic Search Traffic, then direct traffic and referral traffic.

Would you please tell me the significant challenges you faced in your blogging journey?

Time and Power Supply has being the major challenge starting my blog. Mostly when I was in school, I find it difficult to update my blog because of no much time and power to keep up my devices on regularly.

Nevertheless, I got to schedule my daily activities, giving me the edge to write and schedule most of my posts in the night before dawn. Also get some alternative gadgets so as to keep my devices on at any time.
Other challenge faced was the ability to carry out proper keyword research in the absence of paid keyword research tools.

We know every business needs investment, but in the initial days, many bloggers don’t invest much, so what suggestion can you give this type of blogger?

For every Blogger, mostly to new bloggers, always invest in your blog. Source for funds from family and friends to invest; also invest back 80% of your blog earnings to your blog.

This will help you build a massive sustainable system for wealth in future time. Take your blog as a business and treat it as one.

Provide Value to your blog readers/audience and invest in SEO, Quality Contents, and Link Building etc.

For new bloggers, can you give some practical working tips to increase traffic?

There are so many tips to increase your site traffic, and one of the working tips for new blogs is to create enough contents that are far better than the existing ones on search engines.

Other tips includes working on your site On-page SEO and off-page SEO like getting good expired domains with good metrics and redirecting to your blog, and also building quality backlinks.

Doing this effectively, will help increase your traffic and boost your rankings.

What do you think is the BIGGEST mistake most Digital Marketer & beginners Bloggers make?

The mistake most beginners make in Blogging is engaging into Copy & Paste and looking for shortcuts to earn while they have not provided any value yet on their blog.

Another mistake with new bloggers is lack of picking a blog niche, most of them blogs and writes on every topic which is not proper for a beginner.

As a beginner in Blogging, when starting out, make sure to pick a profitable blog niche or micro niche, then, provide value to your blog readers and make yourself an authority in that niche.

What is the future of Digital Marketing in upcoming years?

With the fast growing technology updates and trends in the digital world, digital marketing will be the most relevant skill in the upcoming years.

Hence, digital marketers and those with few digital marketing skill sets will be extremely hot in the industry.

How do you Monetize your blog?, Can you please share with our readers! So maybe they can also earn money from their blog?

I monetize my blog using various monetization methods which includes Google Adsense, Sponsored/Guest Posts, Offering blog related services and selling of Informational (Digital) Products on the site.

What’s your favorite blog which you read mostly? Would you please mention at least three blogs?

Well, there are numerous to mention of which they contributed to my fast rising success in blogging today.

When starting out, I read and follow so many top blogs including (,, etc, and many other blogs too.

Reading and following these blogs serves as an inspiration to me, and the wonderful tips shared on their blogs helped me very well as a beginner.

Where can we find you other than your blog?

You can always find me here on ElochiBlog, or get in touch with me via the following channels:




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