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Crypto moon academy

I remember when I started Crypto Currency last three years then, I never knew much about it but because of lack of knowledge and a mentor, I loose my pretty hard earn cash.

Knowledge is power especially in the area of Crypto Currency, investment in knowledge will always pay the best interest ever.

Alot of people have made them selfs  millionaires through the knowledge of Crypto Currency.

Due to the ban of Crypto Currency by the Central Bank of Nigeria, the quick access to Crypto Currency has been cut short.

Many crypto platform introduce Peer to Peer transaction on thier apps and site not to limit to use of Nigeria totally from accessing Crypto Currency.

But eventually, Nigeria Became the world’s leading country using crypto currency in 2021.

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Based on their larger amounts of engagement and transactions on platform like paxfull, binance and some other crypto platform, Nigeria is said to be the most leading country with the highest number of transactions in 2021.

Don’t you think Crypto Currency works?

Due the to lack of knowledge some people in Nigeria are not still able to be part of this crypto currency trading.

All hope is not lost, How? Because CRYPTO MOON ACADEMY as arrive.

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Crypto moon academy

CRYPTO MOON ACADEMY has come to create more  wealth with crypto currency digitally in Nigeria.

Isn’t this a very good idea?? Why will you be sleeping over Crypto Currency when your country is leading in crypto currency.


CRYPTO MOON ACADEMY offers online tutorial in any subject or course you desire to learn or know more about in crypto currency.

This course have been written and fully enriched for interested people who are ready to benefit maximally from this courses and toturials.


CRYPTOMOON ACADEMY is an online education platform where wealth creation and financial freedom are made easy. Our goal is to equip one thousand people before the end of the year with digital and high income skills that will help them grow their capacity, start their business & gain financial freedom.

Benefits For Choosing Crypto moon academy


Our courses will equip you with real time skills that can help you make money from the comfort of your home. Our courses are taught by real time experts, practitioners and business leaders who have honed a skill and gained financial freedom from it.


Our courses, signals and tutorials will get you equipped for the wealth in the cryptosystem. crypto is not only about trading but knowing what the blockchain technology have for us

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How to get started and sign up CRYPTOMOON ACADEMY?

You don’t need to be a minimum of 18 years.

All genders are welcome

You must have a valid email and a active phone number

Details needed are simply your name, email, phone number.

CRYPTOMOON ACADEMY has it own duration of teaching attached with a price tag.

1 Month – #10,000
3 months – #25,000
6 Months – #50,000
1 year – #100,000

Step 1

Click on

Step 2

Scroll down to the registration page below

Step 3

Fill in your name, email, and select your convenient and affordable package as listed above

Step 4

You can wish you setup a re-occuring payment, if no choose none.

Step 5

Enter your phone number

Step 6

Click on register

You will be automatically redirected to the payment page.
All payment are secured and done by paystack

Reason why you should register with CRYPTOMOON ACADEMY

1.) They have cheap and affordable course worth over 250$ but they are giving it for just 10$ as a new launching academy.

2.) Thier courses, signals and tutorials will get you equipped for the wealth in the cryptosystem.

3.) They are trusted, experience and professionals.

4.) You can take them as your mentor, they will ways put you on the right part.

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And lots more.

CEO and FOUNDER of Crypto moon academy

Goodluck iyke

Goodluck Iyke
Cryptomoon Academy

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Kilete Rebecca

Kilete Rebecca

Research Manager,

Cryptomoon Academy

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