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Enterprenuership skill

Enterprenuership skills: You need to learn and add to your skills





Am Ogala Theodore, The young entrepreneurship skill mentor and coach.

I want to introduce you to some related online  entrepreneurship skills you need to add to your skills now.

There are many young  entrepreneurs out there who did the mistake I will not want you to do.

As an online entrepreneur there are many skills online you need as the world itself is going digital.

The rate of learning entrepreneurship skills online increased maximally during corona virus pandemic in 2020.

Many people learnt some skills, some started some online business and company.

I saw that as a signal saying many things I will like to explain in this article.

Entrepreneurship is seen as the abilty an individual bring out ideas and  to turn to turn ideas into exit. It is majorly ideas creativity, individual  innovation and ability to risk-taking, as well as being able  to plan, manage and control  projects in order to hit targeted goals and objectives.

What is an entrepreneurship skill?

I will explain in a lay man understanding.

Entrepreneurship skill in a handwork learnt that you could use to be self employed or generate income independently.

Entrepreneurship skills could be divided into two;

  1. Online Entrepreneurship Skills
  2. Offline  Entrepreneurship Skills

The rate of the online entrepreneurship skills maximally increased by 40-61% in between two years (2019-2021).

This is serious and alarming.

Online entrepreneurship skills; Are pretty much cool because you don’t need your energy to work.

All you need is time, smart phone or a personal computer, data connection.

Some of these skills need a good number of your time to be perfect and profitable.

This time could be long or short depending on the level of your understanding.

Some of this skills need time before it will be profitable handsomely.

And while some of this skills could start paying you as soon as you understand the strategies behind it.

Some of this skills only need your time.

Some need your money to make more money.

Some need your time and money.

What to consider before choosing an online entrepreneurship skills


 Talent should be considered first when choosing a skill.

There are many skills out there that goes with your Gods given talent.

Don’t choose a skills because it is the latest paying skill in town, online entrepreneurship skill is a hit and run scheme.

It is a gradual process.

For example, If your are good in content writing, you can write for yourself and pay your self, write for companies or individual and get paid, write books or ebook and sell etc.


There is big difference between talent and interest.

You could have the talent for writing and have interest for creating and editing videos.

That doesn’t mean creating  and editing videos is your talent, it just an interest.


 Capability is also factor to consider before choosing an online entrepreneurship skill.

When you are so emotional and you cant bear the pains off loss, you could end up committing suicide after loosing a huge amount of money to forex trading. 

So in that case you should consider your emotional status before going to learn forex, not only looking at the profit from it.

The monetary capability aspect should also be considered, because learning  forex cost you a lot of money


Some skills like forex trading need a good number of your time and much sacrifice.

You have to spend several month to become a professional trader, with in and out interior and every day practice.

You have to spend sleepless night reading ebooks, watching videos etc.

This will be a big stress especially if you are in the higher institution.

Health Status

Are you the type person that fall sick after some sleepless night ? do you feel sick after much watching videos at night?? Every online entrepreneurship skills as it own level of sacrifice.

And some of this sacrifice may hit your health hardly leading to another negative scenario.

Don’t choose any skill at the detriment of your health, no matter how profitable it is.

Kinds of online entrepreneurship skills you need.

  1. Forex Trading

Foreign Exchange is simply the buying and selling of foreign currencies based on the economic event of that country by using a trading platforms through a brokering company.


  • Content creating

Content creating is the simply the process of writing informative article, content or news either for yourself, a company or organization.

  • Blogging/Vlogging

Blogging is the process of creating consistent useful information on a website, blog or a mini blogging platform.

Vlogging is the process of creating and uploading consistent informative videos on a website or blog.

  • Web designing

Web designing can also be seen as front-end programming.  It is  the process of making good designs, interface, features etc on a web or blog using programming language or code. Or by using already program blocks, plug-in. All programming  activities done on the front-end of a website can be seen.

  • Web developing

Web developing can also be seen as back-end programming. It the process of programming useful programs from scratch on a website by using programming languages or already programmed plug-in or scripts.

  • Graphics design

Graphics design is the process of creating and editing pictures that can be used to send information about a particular company, product or services by representing them attractively in a pictorial form, by using an app, software or website to create this photo.

Graphics design is very useful if it comes advertising. While because pictures are fastest way to send message on a high speed.

  • Youtubing

Youtubing is the process of creating and uploading consistent videos on youtube. As youtube is the second most visited site in the world, video creator use this platform to monetize their skills maximally.

  • Copyrighting

Copywriting is the process of writing text for the main  purpose of advertising or other different  forms of marketing. This product is called  sales copy and it is a written content that it main focus is  to loud the awareness  of a brand and ultimately deeply convince a person or group of people to take a particular action.

  • Mini importation

As the name explains itself, mini-importation  is a simplest type of entrepreneurship skills/ business where you just need to buy a products from other countries at a very cheap rate and re-sells  it in your own country  at a higher rate for profit.

This business is mostly done online.

  1. App designing

App designing can also be seen as front-end programming of application (android, ios, windows, tablet).  It is the process of making good designs, interface, features etc on an application using programming language or code. Or by using already program blocks, plug-in and scripts. All programming activities done on the front-end of a application can be seen.

  1. Promoting

Promoting is the process of creating awareness to larger amount of audience online through social media, blogs etc.

I included it as a skill because many online influencers maximize profitably from it.

Once you have a great large amount of audience on social media, people come to start paying you for advertisement, companies takes you as an ambassador and you make money as depending on the agreement done with the individual or company.

  1. Search engine optimization

Every company, business, bloggers and website owners  that has  a blog,  website or an online presence will be very much  interested in increasing the visibility and exposure of their brand or business to many potential customers online.

One of the best strategy to do this is by using search engine optimization or SEO to rank as many of your content,  product or services on Google search engine.

There are many online websites and channel  with article and videos that teaches SEO as well as how to rank on google.

These skills are very useful and profitable if you are a blogger or you willing to work  in a marketing department or if you want to qualify for a role as an SEO specialist in a company or organization.

  1. App developing

App developing can also be seen as back-end programming. It the processes of programming useful programs from scratch on a application by using programming languages or already programmed plug-in or scripts.

All back-end activities done on an application can be seen

  1. Crypto currency trading

Cryptocurrency trading, or a digital currency trading, is a online business that allows people to trade, hold, send and receive cryptocurrencies or digital currencies for other valuable assets, such as conventional fiat money or other digital currencies.

Crypto traders make more money based on the movement of the that cryptocurrency, especially when the price of that certain currencies goes up.

  1. Crypto currency creating

This is the process of creating a specific type of crypto currency either depending on other blockchain or being an independent blockchain.

These skills are not very much known in Nigeria, and having a crypto project will be very much profitable as an owner.

  1. Affiliate marketing

This is the process of connecting the buyers to the sellers.

As an affiliate marketer, you earn as much money as you want depending on the amount of sale you made and the price as well.

Many company pays better percent per each sale the marketer has i.e some companies pay  20-50% of the cost price pay every sale.

Your can sell your products on warrior plus or connect other buyers to then sellers through your affiliate link.

Share sale and other companies are recommended affiliate website.


  1. Video editing

This is the process of creating and editing videos by using apps or websites etc. the videos could be animated, cartoon, explainers etc.

These videos could be used to send information, advertising and lots more.

Where to monetize your online entrepreneurship skills

  1. Fiverr

Fiverr is a online website where you monetize all  online entrepreneurship skills.

I will recommend fiverr for all the skills I mention here even those I didn’t mention here.

Kindly go on fiverr and search for your skills and monetize them.

  • Scooper/Opera news

This is strictly for content writer and bloggers.

Scooper is an online micro blogging platform where you can get paid for every article you post on their platform.

They pay 0.8$ per post for a starter, and the price increases the more you are well recognized by your activities.

Opera news is also a micro blogging site. You get paid according to the number of clicks you got for all the post.

There are content creators on opera news making more than  300$ monthly.

Opera news are no limitation when it comes to posting on their platform.

Scooper have a number of limited post per every month.

Game lovers; SEE THIS NOW

  • Blogging platforms

WordPress, blogger and other blogging platforms can be used to monetize your content creating skills.

After uploading your content, you can apply for ad networks like google adsence,, adskeeper, infolinks, mgid etc

Having SEO skills will benefit you a lot to gain massive organic traffic, to grow your revenue using this ad networks.

There are other skills like language skills, coding, chat boot development, budgeting, public speaking, project management and lots more.

But I want to focus on the related skills you need to add to your present skill.

If you haven’t learn any skill yet, this is an opportunity for you to select your skill and know how other skills are related to it and maximize the opportunity of adding them to  the skills you want to learn.

So we are going to know to how use one skill to generate more income from other skills despite how your main skill pays.

The first side skill we will talk about is;



As a skilled professional or experienced trader, you can monetize your knowledge about forex through youtubing and creating videos about it.

Many forex beginners will be willing to hear your success stories, and learn how you became a successful trader.

You can create videos sharing your strategies on youtube, monetize your channel using google adsence and make more revenue from that based on the number of views you get.

As en experience trader, you don’t trade all the time. You can use your leisure time to these.

Note; before you will be able monetize your channel, your must have at least 1000 subscribers and 4 hours watch time.

You need the video creating and editing skills.


Here is another skill you can add that is pretty much profitable.

You can creates ebooks that could teach people about your strategies, how to trade forex, how to meet their forex goals in short time, etc

You can decide to sell this books to audience, beginners etc so as they could benefit from it like wise you.

Though this process of solving people trading difficulty, you earn more revenue pay every sale of your ebook.

You need the internet marketing skills, promoting skills, social media marketing skills etc

You need the affiliate marketing skills to monetize you ebooks, by inputing your affiliate marketing links inside the ebooks.


I know of many traders who has website and blogs, they create contents about forex, monetize their online presence with some ad network.

They also use this website and blogs to sell their ebook and course, get traffic to their youtube channel and lots more.


As a forex trader using a broker, you will have a personal referring/affiliate link whereby you can use to bring people to your broker and get paid maybe based on the amount they deposited or something else.

You make money by connecting traders to brokers, you can put this links in  the description of your youtube videos, footer of your ebook, your social media account a lot more.


As a trader, you can use your social media account to promote forex related stuffs by people or company who are will to pay for that.

If you have a very huge social audience, some forex brokers will like to pay your to promote them and also taking you to be an their ambassador.

Through this process you can maximize handsome profits from these internet maketing.

Related internet marketing skills are promotion, internet influencing,  Social media maketing etc


Having this content creating skills it a great thing if you know how to monetize the skill.

You can make money working for yourself, someone else or a company.


As a content creator, you can decide to write for yourself and publish these articles on your blog or website.

By doing these you can also monetize your blog post and links with some ad networks like google adsence, ezoic, adskeeper, mgid etc

These ad networks pays your for your content, traffics and clicks.

Other related skills needed as a blogger are; SEO, internet marketing, promotion, social media marketing, graphics designs, affiliate marketing

As a blogger you need SEO skill to rank your blog or website on google to create more awareness about your brand, company or website etc and to get more organic traffic.

As a blogger you need internet marketing skill to be able to market your blog online or in the internet to get more traffiv to your site.

As a blogger you need to able to promote people products, services, music etc that you are being paid for.

As a blogger you need to fully maximize the use of social media to create good awareness, getting more traffic and lots more.

As a blogger is good to have the website design and development skills to be able create website and blogs and also  to use any kind of features or program you want to see on your site.

You can further more wish to create, design, and develop any type of site for people that need your services and get paid for it.

As a blogger, designing and developing app will very much pretty cool. You can choose to design an app for your website and developing it too.

You can also get paid by people who need your services of app design and development.

As a blogger you need to able to connect buyers to the sellers using your blog or website in other to maximize profits through the commissions of sale that will be paid to you.


As a good content creator you can decide to create ebook about your content creating skills, other knowledge and information can monetize by selling these ebooks.

Since creating the e-book is not being a hard for the content creators let see related skills needed for creating and selling of e-books

As a content creator, you need a website to sell more of your ebooks.

As a content creator, you need internet marketing to be able to market your e-books online.

As a content creator, you need to add copy writing to your skills to be able to advertise your ebooks well.

As a content creator, you need the promoting skills to be able to promote your ebooks well.

As a content creator, you can monetize your e-book with affiliate marketing links.


As a content creator, you can simple convert your contents into videos using white board animations, 3d explainer videos etc.

You can upload this videos on youtube and monetize those videos with google adsence, paid advert from people or companies to display their brand on your videos.

You can  put your payment links or website links in the description of your videos or on your videos to purchase your ebooks.

You can also input your affiliate marketing links in your videos or in the description of your videos to make commissions per every successful sale.

I have earlier listed and broke down some skills you need and I further more explain how you can make money with other related Skills you have now.

You can think about which will be convenient for you and learn this skills and monetize them how I explain them.

Many more opportunities can be at your door step having other side skills. But in a long run you still being profitable on your on master skill.

As more researches are done I will update this post later.

Thanks for reading. Hope you found this article interesting?? We wish to do more.
Kindly check back later and share this post to your friends and family in social media.


Ogala Theodore Is A Nigerian Blogger, Forex Technical Analyst/Trader, Internet Marketer, Young Enterprenuer & CEO of & Teddy Pips Trading Concept.

Copyright © 2021. Ogala Theodore - CEO Of All right reserved

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