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TOP 10 Mistakes When Investing in HYIPs

Even professional investors sometimes lose their deposits in the HYIPs, and beginners can’t avoid this situation. This should be realized in the same way as the fact that any HYIP will close with time, and your task is to withdraw your money in time. In this article, we will talk about 10 mistakes that many investors make. Mistakes are constant companions of the beginners, but in order not to step on the same rake, try to learn from someone else’s experience.

Refusal to Diversify

Do you know how to lose everything guaranteed? Always invest in one project. Perhaps, you’ll sure that you will withdraw money in time, and then find a new project and invest again at 100%. But sooner or later it will lead to the fact that you’ll lose all your capital. And this will happen with the first scam. It will be an excellent lesson that will explain all the delights of diversification.

Spread your savings on 5-10 projects. Remember that there are no “super-HYIPs” that are sure to make a profit. If you don’t follow this rule, the risk of losing everything far exceeds the potential profit. The investor is required to distribute funds. We will tell you how to do it correctly in the article about diversification.

Investing at the Start

There is a widespread belief that projects are more reliable at the start. It is reinforced by the fact that the risk of problems grows with each day of its existence. This is partially true, but monitoring for a couple of days isn’t only possible, but necessary. You will notice how the HYIP is developing and growing. It’s okay that you “miss” a couple of profit days because it is much more important to make sure that the service has a future.

This behavior will be a mistake only in the case of low-interest and mid-interest projects. If you work in fast HYIPs, then such a delay can create even more problems. In this case, Hit & Run tactic bails out, if it’s not too late.

Investing in Long Running Projects

This is the opposite extreme. It is a mistake to believe that if the HYIP has already developed and thousands of people have invested in it, it means that it is safer. It is just the opposite. Risks of collapse are growing every day. And if you see a large HYIP, which is already a year on the market, it means you are late. Don’t invest in it, because you can find other interesting options.

Investing in HYIPs with Huge Return

It would be nice to make 3500% from $ 100, right? But this is an erroneous idea that will bring a lot of troubles. Such projects never pay. These are obviously problematic projects. The only thing that you can do with them is to donate money to the administrator. He will take them from you gladly, and from hundreds of the same gullible depositors as well.

Such bets can cloud the mind. Such things happen, but you need to understand that the marketing model should be initially realistic. Otherwise, the admin initially has no chance that he will be able to pay dividends to at least someone.

Don’t prone to extremes. 3 months for this case is almost the end, and in another case — the very beginning. You need to be able to determine the lifespan and stage of development of the HYIP — this will help predict the time of a scam and calculate whether you need to invest in the project.

Reinvestment without a Plan

Reinvestment is an investment in HYIPs of the received profit. On its own, this is not bad, as it allows you to make a good amount from 10 dollars over time. But if you reinvest without a plan, it will end up losing both the initial deposit amount and all dividends.

The best strategy is to get out of HYIP as soon as possible. You can reinvest part of the received profit (investment return). But reinvesting your profit shouldn’t be infinite. It is a mistake to think that the investment return is “not my money.” They are yours, you earned them. And the case when you lose them is equivalent to any other loss. Therefore, it is necessary to risk this money as carefully and prudently, as well as any others.

To Trust Online Reviews & User Feedbacks on the HYIP

Did you find a review on the new site, which promises mountains of gold and describes how wonderful everything is? This should be completely closed and forgot. There are a lot of “thimbleriggers” in the network, who absolutely don ’t care if you earn, it is important for them to get affiliate reward from you. They will attract you anywhere to invest.

In addition to greedy referral managers, you can get caught by paid commentators. They are paid to write fake reviews. They are also used to create a negative reputation for competitors. Therefore, we must be extremely skeptical of any information received from the network. But don’t be afraid of referral managers, like the plague. Some of them value their reputation, and also share a part of the profit — referral feedback that can be an excellent additional income.

When you Don’t Control the Process

Last but not least is the lack of control. HYIPs require your time and attention at all stages. Initially, you spend hours studying and analyzing. Sometimes in a day you won’t find a single worthy variant. But when it is found and you open a contribution, the work doesn’t end after this.

It is necessary to monitor the situation constantly. You need to do this both within the system and in the media space around it. Your main task is to leave in time. It is ideally, if you do this not too early in order to not to miss the profit, but not too late at the same time, so that you won’t be in the list of those “lucky ones,” who don’t lose hope of returning their money after the scam of the HYIP. Control must be permanent.

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