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How to change lenovo hard drive instead of buying new one >> 9japlugged

Now it is better option to improve your laptop by replacing the hard drive
with a SSD or hybrid hard drive which is faster, quieter and
save more energy, while recovering your system and your data.

By putting Operating system on an SSD, the startup and
shutdown will be faster, as well as the reaction of your system
will be increased.

Specifications of Lenovo G570 Laptop are as follows :
Processor : Intel Core i3-2310M or Intel Core i5-2410M
Display : 15.6 inch
Graphics : Intel HD Graphics 3000
Storage : 500GB hard disk drive
Battery : 6-cell
Lenovo G570 can be equipped with a Blu-ray drive instead of
a DVD reader/writer.

Transfer your system files or Data on new SSD or hybrid hard
Use cloning software that comes with the SSD to copy of your
original hard drive onto the SSD. You can copy your software,
settings and documents to new SSD.

 Steps as follow :

Step 1) Turn off your computer and connect the transfer cable
to the SSD.

Step 2) Plug the other end of the cable into a USB port of your
Start your computer and insert the disk with cloning
software included with your SSD.

Step 3) Boot from the CD. To do this, right from the start,
press the F1, F2, F12 or Del depending on your computer.

 A message is typically displayed on the screen. In the menu that
appears, select your CD with the arrow keys and press Enter.

The computer boots from the CD. Click on Accept.

Step 4) Click the Let’s Get Started. Initially select the source
disk, that is to say, the internal hard drive to your laptop and
click Next.

Step 5) Then select the destination disk, that is to say the SSD
and click Next.

Now that you have copied your entire system and your files on
the SSD, you are ready to replace your hard drive with SSD in
your laptop.

How to install Hard Drive in Lenovo G570 :

On the bottom of your Lenovo G570 laptop, find the hard drive
door to access the hard drive.

Step 1) Loosen four screws securing the cover on the bottom.

Lift up and remove the cover.

Step 2) Remove two screws securing hard drive caddy to the
laptop chassis. 

Slide the hard drive assembly in the direction
opposite to the SATA connector and then carefully lift it up in
order to remove it from drive bay.

Step 3) To separate the hard drive from the caddy you will
need to remove four screws that fix these two parts together.

Step 4) There could be an Aluminium adhesive tape between
both parts making their disassembly more difficult so be

You will have to transfer the mounting bracket and
Aluminium hard drive shield to the new SSD.

After replacing the HDD you will have to reinstall the operating
system and transfer important data from older Hard Drive to
new one.

There is second way to install other hard drive in Laptop :

You can use HDD Caddy to replace the DVD-Drive from the
Lenovo G570 series for a second hard drive (or SSD). 
Add a
second hard drive to your laptop using your laptop’s optical

 This device can fit in a “standard” optical drive bay
found in laptop computers. Simply pull out your DVD drive and
replace it with our optical bay hard drive caddy.

You have to remove DVD Drive and plug the adapter (plus hard
drive) in slot.

How to install RAM memory in Lenovo G570 :

Both memory modules can be accessed on the bottom of the

To remove any currently installed memory module just spread
the latches in the direction opposite to the memory slot. The
memory module will pop up at about 45 degree angle and can
be safely removed from the slot. (As shown in Video)
Lenovo G570 can take up to 8GB RAM.

 You can install up to
4GB RAM module into each slot.

Lenovo G570 use RAM of PC3-10600 DDR3 SDRAM SODIMM
204 pin.

Note : Lenovo G570 has to run a 64-bit OS to be able to use all

Note : Before you begin any procedures, turn off the laptop,
unplug the power adapter and remove the battery. Laptop
parts are very sensitive to static electricity so ground yourself
before touching anything inside you laptop by using grounding
strap or touch a metal pipe.
You can use SATA2 or SATA 3 SSD, as both will work at the
same rate, as your interface is SATA2, but the advantage of
the SATA3 is that you can use this drive in the future in
another laptop that does have the SATA3 interface, thus it will
give greater speed in that laptop. SATA2 interface has speed
of 3Gbps while SATA 3 uses 6Gbps.

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