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URL – Uniform Resource Locator also known as free link shortener  is that the address wont to determine files, pages, programs, documents, etc on the planet Wide Web. Each and each webpage has its own unique address which may be seen in your browser search bar, a bit like the file path in your computer. this is often just a basic concept and even a traditional internet user knows this. So what’s  link shortener and what’s the utilization of shortening URLs, any idea? If it’s really worth then have a glance at some list of free link shortener services that we listed below.


What is a URL shortener?

In short, a free link shortener may be a service that is employed to form an actual and long web address (URL) shorter. It’s a sort of redirection, during which the shortened URL gets redirected to the lengthy original URL. for instance here this URL may be a shortened one which is redirected to the present URL which is pretty lengthy.
Some other common names that are wont to describe  free link shortener are URL redirection, URL generator, URL shrinker, and URL forward.

Use of shortening URLs

Other than Bloggers and webmasters,free  link shortener are greatly useful for people that engage in internet conversations, chats, forums, etc. the recognition of Shortening URLs has skyrocketed when sites like Twitter have the limit of 140 characters per tweet. Tweeting with original lengthy URLs takes the whole character limit and you don’t have enough space to go away a message. Really a tweet is going to be annoying if it contains the only URL and without a message in it.
Other than that shortened URLs are easily manageable, you’ll track no of clicks, easy for sharing. Moreover shortened URLs encourage users with more clicks than normal lengthy URLs. So here is the list of free URL shortener services to shorten any links.

List of free link shortener services

Tiny URL – Tiny URL is one of the foremost popular and oldest URL shortener service. By using this service you’ll hide your affiliate links and another feature is that you simply can create your custom short URL.
Bitly – Bitly is that the most used and popular URL shrinker. you’ll shorten, shrink and redirect URLs. Bitly keeps all the small print and you’ll track the number of clicks made thereon URL, which can be useful for affiliates. – may be a popular free link shortener service from Google. has a simple to use interface. you’ll create and track short URLs together with your Google account. Your Feedburner feed actually uses URL shortener when auto-posting links to a social media called Twitter. – is another hottest free link shortener service. One feature that creates stand out is that you simply can shorten multiple URLs into at least one. this may be useful once you wish to share multiple URLs during a single tweet. – may be a free and powerfulfree link shortener service. Your shortened links will never expire. you’ll track all of your URLs with real-time statistics, you’ll track clicks with user IP, date and hour. – may be a reliable and free URL shortener service. Just enter your length URL and make a cute looking tiny URL. With you’ll shrink URLs, share those URLs, tracking URLs, and may get QR code for your URL. – is still kind of yet to be popular and another widely used free link shortener service. is that the URL shortener service that pays you for shortening links. Ads are going to be displayed on each URL that’s created in – is yet one morefree link shortener service where you’ll create short URLs (with custom links) and share it to twitter. it’s a bit uneasy to manage your URLs in comparison to the above list. features a bookmarklet for your browser during which you’ll shorten URL quickly subsequent time. – may be another popular link shrinker from Hoot Suite which is a popular social media management tool. In you’ll create an account using your Facebook account and manage all of your links. – is service by Intel where you’ll shorten your lengthy URLs, share it and manage it. – The bestfree link shortener, shrinker service from StumbleUpon. Put in your long URL, reduce URL, share URL, and then track URL. may be a leading URL shortener service very almost like Enter your links, shrink it, and make your vanity URLs and share it. you’ll particularly see statistics of a specific URL and also you’ll get statistics for all of your URLste and track short URLs together with your Google account. Your Feedburner feed actually uses URL shortener when auto-posting links to a social media called Twitter.
This are availble list of trusted link shorteners

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